Monday, May 29, 2023

Conqueror’s Blade Announces New PvE Mode: Mastery Commander


Conqueror’s Blade players are about to get a new way to level up their Unit Mastery and add new Units to their own roster. The mode, titled Mastery Commander, tasks players with playing once a day, bringing their own units to battle alongside an NPC Hero in the strategy game. Players will need to work with the NPC Hero to find the right moment to take the enemy’s Supply point before healing up and moving on to defeat the enemy Hero.

While playing the mode, players will earn a random reinforcement Unit after killing a number of enemy Units. The more Units a player manages to destroy after that, the stronger the Unit they receive will become. But, it won’t all be easy, as they won’t have the benefit of long-range and cavalry units. Of course, players won’t simply be attacking either. They will have to defend their own camps from the enemy NPCs. Add to that the fact that the enemy also needs to be defeated within a certain amount of time, and you have a pretty solid challenge.

Mastery Commander will be available when Conqueror’s Blade: Sengoku launches on June 1st.

QuintLyn Bowers

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