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Learn Everything You Need To Know About The Elder Scrolls Online’s New Arcanist Class In The Latest Developer Video


In June, The Elder Scrolls Online will be dropping the Necrom Chapter in the MMORPG, and a new playable class along with it. The Arcanist is the game’s first new class since the Elsweyer Chapter. It offers players the chance to use eldritch powers discovered through the mysteries of Apocrypha.

The Arcanist draws power from Hermaeus Mora’s realm and uses secret runes and powers to fight. It features three skill lines, all of which are made up of five abilities, four passives, and an ultimate. Players can choose between these to effectively make their Arcanist a healer, DPS, or tank – with some wiggle room to create something unique for themselves.

Players can get a closer look at the Arcanist in the video below. It seems like the sort of thing some people are really going to love once it arrives on PC on June 5. Of course, as is the case with most games, console players have a longer wait – until June 20.

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