Monday, May 29, 2023

New Character Aeri Is Now Available In Closers And Special Events Are Happening Too


Check out the new character Aeri in Closers’ latest update.

Naddic Games introduced a fresh patch for the free-to-play fighting MMORPG for the game, where the fifth character of Team Rattus, Aeri, was added. She can be created at Level 67, with a maximum Level of 86. Aeri’s character class consists of Errand Runner and Hireling, and can be played on Scrapyard and Busan, as well as other locations.

She has several skills, including Swamp Demon, Poison Recharging, Raindrop, Magical Bullet – Twister, Water Shower, Special Move: Magical Bullet – River, Magical Bullet – Showers, Waterfall, Devil’s Echo, Special Move: Dance With Devil, and Skill Ticket: Magical Bullet – Waves.

In addition to Aeri though, dozens of new quests, achievements, titles, exclusive gear/items, emoticons, and emotions have been added. (They’re all for her.) The Aeri Zenith Skin/Pack is also available, which can be acquired through a costume conversion with Zenith Synchro Fiber.

The update also introduces two new crew rooms: Shining Stage and UNION Library, which can be purchased at Crew Level 8 or higher. Several events and sales are included in the update too for players to enjoy, such as the Aeri Celebration Sticker Collection Event, Aeri Exclusive UNION Pass, and June Closers Day event. There’s also various packages and coupons in the Union Store and Washing Machine/Transmitter up for grabs.

Read the patch notes for more information, which also includes some bug fixes.

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