Monday, May 29, 2023

New World’s Second Season Gets A Deep Dive As A Sand Wurm Slithers Towards The PTR


New World’s Second Season has been announced and there are only two short days until it arrives on the PTR. On May 25, players can begin testing the new content, which includes PvP and story content. Prepare for a new 3v3 Arenas map, elite trials, transmogging, and more. There’s even a big sand wurm included – something named the Devourer.

A new season pass is included with the update. That means players can pick up a new Activity Card and other rewards while trying out the new Season journey and other challenges. Players can also now customize their character with… you guessed it… Transmog.

The update also introduces updates for Outpost Rush, including a cross-world version. And, of course, there are events. The full details on these are available on the New World site.

In additional news from the MMORPG, the Fresh Start world Sutekh will be transitioning into a Standard world tomorrow. This means character transfer restrictions will be lifted. Don’t worry, characters will stay on Sutekh and now merge is currently planned.

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