Monday, May 29, 2023

Old School RuneScape Reintroduces PvP Minigame Bounty Hunter, But With Better Accessibility


Bounty Hunter is back, baby.

Jagex announced today that Old School RuneScape will be reintroducing the fan-favorite PvP minigame, providing a test of combat in The Wilderness. This reimagined game mode features exclusive weapon rewards and powerful enhancements. Bounty Hunter is also considered the most accessible entry point to the world of PvP in OSRS.

The PvP minigame first debuted in 2007, immersing players in three Craters that each had different combat level caps. They battled for glory and plunder. This new version of Bounty Hunter though brings several changes aimed at welcoming PvP newbies and easing them into the experience in the MMORPG.

For example, there’s a new matchmaking tool to ensure fair fights by pairing players with opponents of similar combat skill levels. The battles take place within the dedicated arena known as the “Crater.” Upon entering the Crater, each player receives a target, and victorious combatants earn their target’s loot, along with additional emblems that can be traded for unique items.

These rewards include armors like Statius’ Armor, Vesta’s Armor, and Zuriel’s Robes. Also, weapons such as Statius’ Warhammer, Vesta’s Longsword, and Morrigan’s Throwing Axe. On top of that, there’s magical items to get: Dark Bow, Dragon Mace, Dragon Longsword, and Abyssal Dagger.

One more thing was revealed too: Jagex is bringing Sailing to OSRS. This new skill will be coming soon. It’s currently in a refinement phase and will then be voted on by the community, which you can learn about more here.

Matthew D'Onofrio

Matthew D’Onofrio, News Editor
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