Monday, May 29, 2023

The Front Releases New Gameplay Trailer And Opens Enrollment For Beta


If you’ve been looking forward to the open-world survival crafting game The Front, I’ve got good news. Beta sign-ups have begun. You can head over to the official site and fill out a survey to get registered for your chance at entering testing.

In The Front, the world has been overrun by monsters and is controlled by a brutal empire. Mankind is on the brink of collapse. A new artificial superintelligence called Aurora allows players to venture into the past in order to change the events of history and prevent humanity’s demise. It all sounds pretty freaking cool. The key will be whether they can separate themselves from other survival crafting games already out there.

Key features of The Front include resource gathering, base building and defense against power-wielding NPCs, tower defense, supply drops, and vehicles to drive.

No definitive date for the beta test was given, but they do say it is coming “soon”.

Troy Blackburn

Troy Blackburn, News Editor
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