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‘World Of Warcraft’ player hits max level before reaching the tutorial


A World Of Warcraft player has managed to hit the level cap on their Monk character before reaching the game’s tutorial zone, in a feat that took them over 200 days.

Explaining the achievement, Reddit user Cheatcho (via GamesRadar) shared that they kept their Monk on the boat that’s intended to take new characters to World Of Warcraft‘s tutorial zone, Exile’s Reach.

Cheatcho did so by completing five account-wide pet battles each day, though acknowledges that it took “200+ real days” to hit level 70. They added that even going from level 60 to 70 took around 60 days, playing for five minutes per day.

As for why the World Of Warcraft fan spent so long levelling their Monk in this fashion, Cheatcho said: “It’s the ultimate solo player way to level a character. You never leave the ship. You never defeat another player, dungeon boss or even group with anyone else. You never die. And because I consider doing it fun.”

They added that it’s also a viable option for players who “hate leveling a specific class/spec but you want it at max level.”

World Of Warcraft. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

The response to Cheatcho’s achievement has been mostly positive, with many fans praising the player’s dedication to reaching level 70 under those self-imposed restrictions.

“We are all different,” shared Cheatcho. “The game is so great because we can all enjoy it in our own way.”

In other World Of Warcraft news, last week (February 8) developer Blizzard Entertainment announced that it was removing players’ ability to use Twitter from within the MMO.

While the studio did not provide an explanation, it was announced as Twitter moved the site’s API – which the World Of Warcraft feature relied on – behind a paywall. Under the new rules, businesses could pay over £2059 per month to access the API.

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